We have been making 
100% “Made in Italy” hosiery since 1932

From yarn to hosiery.
100% Made in Italy.

Located in Provaglio d’Iseo, province of Brescia, hosiery Bianchi produces hosiery for infants, children, men and women.

Deeply rooted in the areas of Franciacorta and Lake Iseo, as a company we draw a lot of inspiration from the area to create our products.

For this very reason we chose to locate all design and creation processes exclusively within Italy and exclusively identify ourselves with the 100% “Made in Italy” brand.

Thanks to the collaboration with prestigious brands Bianchi has established a production process based on a single fundamental principle: quality.

For almost a century, the combination of craftsmanship and research has been at the heart of our company expressing itself through the cure for details and constant attention to fashion trends

The work team studies and optimizes every single step in the production of hosiery, with a painstaking professional approach aimed at meeting the needs of all of our custumers.

Thanks to our experience over the years, Bianchi has become a reference point for distributors and companies looking for a solid and reliable partner.

Quality above all.
Since 1932.

Private Label

Your partner for the production of White Label hosiery

Producing quality 100% “Made in Italy” stockings means starting from high-quality yarns and following a painstaking and efficient production process, following traditions but without shying away from daring choices.

A story based on passion, skills and coherence.

Our products – at Bianchi – reflect the values that contribute to the business ethics so much that workplace well-being also reflects the professionalism we offer our Customers.

Thus, for almost a century we have been a reference point for prestigious Customers in Italy and abroad with whom we work hand in hand throughout the entire project, from the concept to the choice of packaging.

Our team of perfectly coordinated experts work at our production premises where we design, create and manufacture exclusive items through a close sinergy with our Custumer.

Our Design department constantly supports partners, promptly addressing their needs, creating CAD designs within 24 hours and the first prototype in 7 days with a flexible production capacity, from small to big quantities.

product knowledge

supreme quality yarns

support right from design

quick delivery times

Everyone is Welcome

Your hosiery 100% Made in Italy

With the Bianchi Sockmakers in Italy Since 1932® brand, as a hosiery factory we have an internal line that can be purchased directly from the company, on the e-commerce site and on various marketplaces.

Supreme quality and style for those looking for hosiery for men, women, children and newborns.

Simple or with particular applications, entirely made by skilled hands who enhance and enrich the products working by hand, paying keen attention to the smallest of details.

We decorate our hosieries with strass, tufts, cabochons and passementerie, following the latest fashion trends: a constant strive for details, which makes the final product unique and unrepeatable.

Hosiery for men, women and children

Applications created in Italy

Internal production line

Sales on-site and online

Everyone is Welcome
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Makers of 100%  “Made in Italy” hosiery since 1932


  • Creazioni Bianchi Snc
    Sede legale: Via Solferino 12
    25050 Provaglio d'Iseo (BS)
    Sede operativa: Via Edison 17/7/B
    25050 Provaglio d'Iseo (BS)

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